Laptop Agreement Form

A laptop will be loaned to the student named in this document under the following conditions:

  • This student laptop loan agreement, which is signed by the parent/guardian, student and staff member of the school, will be kept on file at the school.
  • Use of this equipment is for educational purposes. Any purpose other than educational may result in loss of privileges without refund.
  • The District does not permit unethical use of the Internet, email, or any other media. Violation of this policy may result in the loss of laptop loan privileges and disciplinary action by the school.
  • The configuration of the hardware equipment and all accompanying software may not be altered, nor can software be copied to or from the computer, or installed on the computer under any circumstances.
  • Orientation requirements on the part of students and/or parent/guardian must be met as required by campus.
  • Parents/guardians are required to pay a $30 annual non-refundable technology use fee. The technology use fee is not insurance. The fee is intended to sustain the program. The payment must be made prior to the student receiving the laptop.
  • Parents/guardians accept financial responsibility for costs related to damage due to purposeful action or gross negligence. Purposeful action means to act intentionally or with intent to perform a particular act, to act in a particular manner for a specific reason, aim or design, or a resolution to use a certain means to reach an end. Gross negligence is defined as lack of any care or an extreme departure from what a reasonably careful person would do in the same situation to prevent harm to the property. The replacement cost of the laptop is $616.75, the replacement cost of the battery is $89.99, and the AC adapter replacement cost is $44.99.
  • Financial obligations must not be ignored. For more information, refer to care of instructional materials in student manual.
  • The District will provide a padded laptop bag. The laptop must be carried in the case at all times when not in use.
  • Laptops may not be loaned to or borrowed from other students.
  • The laptop, which is the property of Fort Worth ISD, and all laptop accessories, must be returned prior to the end of the school year, or in the event of school change or early withdrawal.
  • The District has provided students with a “Digital Citizenship Orientation” and information for parents, including how to care for the device and how to responsibly use technology.
  • I have read the Acceptable Use of Electronic Communications System and the Electronic Services Overview for Students.

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